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About mike


MICHAEL YOUNG has lived locally almost his whole life.  He graduated from Oley High School and  completed basic-training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri during the winter.  He credits his military background for his work ethic and starting the day very early…which he still does to this day.


Mike has 3 grandkids and believes that family is everything.  “The business doesn’t happen without the support of the family.  I can’t do what I do without their help.”

He has had a passion for this trade for as long as he can remember and given some free time, he will still find something to build.  After decades on the job, Mike is as excited as ever to be on the job.  He loves a hard days work and the feeling of accomplishment.  He enjoys the challenge of engineering his customers’ dreams into a reality. 


Mike’s great grandfather and grandfather owned a general store and his dad owned an auto body shop.  He gives them credit for passing down their generational integrity, ethics and honesty when operating a business.  “My dad is the most honest and ethical person I have ever met and remains that way to this day.  Those are traits I always admired and that’s how I run my business.”


Mike’s philosophy is that if you love and care about what you are doing, you will do a great job.  He makes sure everything is done right the first time and usually leaves the job-site cleaner then when he arrived.

“Success isn’t how big you can grow your business, but how happy you can make your customers.”


    —Michael Young

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